How much time in a day do we spend to please our eyes? We dress up to please our eyes. We decorate our homes to please our eyes. We also tend to make different shapes of food items to please our eyes. There are other senses that later enjoy the taste and feel. But, eyes play a big role in shaping our day, our conduct, our life style. Eyes tend to absorb us into a world that is far from bare basics of life!

We are now witnessing the win of Netra Vidyalaya students who do not have ‘these eyes’! This event is organised to congratulate the proud winners of Para Asian games held at Colombo, Sri Lanka. These winners brought home to Netra Vidyalaya a total of 14 medals of which 9 are gold medal, 4 are silver and 1 is bronze! You can read the details here.

This win is an indication of how society comes together to support those who are deprived of certain things we take for default. The default pleasure that we enjoy – watching jubilant sunrise, the colourful flying birds, the moving clouds, the showers of rain, the beauty of flowing river water and many more does not exist in their world! This default pleasure we enjoy is very little compared to the joy we can experience when we take part in the daily life of these children!

When we can channelize the wealth of the society to support the dire needs of society, then the wealth is worth gaining. Question yourself, how much more are you earning than what you really need for satisfying your hunger and bare needs? How much time are you spending on luxuries over necessities?

Gurujada Apparao rightly said, “సొంత లాభము కొంత మానుకొని పొరుగోడికి సాయపడవోయి…”

– From the discourse of Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji
– 28th April 2019
– VMRDA Children Arena, Siripuram, Vishakhapatnam

Colours, Cuts and Curls – All for the pleasure of Eyes!2
Colours, Cuts and Curls – All for the pleasure of Eyes!3