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Education for Blind – Nethra Vidyalaya

Nethra Vidyalaya provides education for blind in India and is a part of the Jeeyar Educational Trust (JET) founded by HH Sri Sri Sri Tridandi Chinna Srimannarayana Ramanuja Jeeyar Swamiji.   Nethra Vidyalaya provides education from primary level to high school, junior & senior college, where hundreds of blind students are benefiting every year.

 The mission of Nethra Vidyala is to Empower the visually challenged with the latest technology. Nethra Vidyala was first founded in 2001 for the Blind and Visually Challenged in Vijayanagaram with 18 students.  Today, Nethra  Vidyalaya is proud to serve more than 1860 students by providing them the best education and making them self reliant.

Nethra Vidyalaya is the Only English Medium Educational Institution in India exclusively for the Visually Challenged..


The School and Colleges registered as non-profit NGOs under Section 80 G run on the donations of philanthropists and services of the volunteers.

 JET provides FREE boarding, lodging, food, study material, education for the blind etc.., to all communities irrespective of religion, caste, colour and gender.

Few More Words

  • It is unique in that students are trained to write their intermediate board and degree exams on laptops without the help of scribes (helpers).
  • The concept of using laptops instead of less qualified scribes is a brainchild of JET Founder HH Sri Tridandi Srimannarayana Ramanuja Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji. When Swamiji visited centres in other countries that provide education and rehabilitation and many other modern facilities to the blind children. Yet these students were dependent on scribes for education. He brought together a team to remove this dependability through the use of modern technology.
  • After a year the idea had been successfully implemented. The Andhra Government appointed a committee and analyzed the results. The committee gave permission for these students to write exams using laptops along with the regular students.
  • The students use special software called Screen Reading software (eg JAWS) to hear the typed matter through headphones. This allows them to study without disturbing others. At present JAWS uses an American accent, however Swamiji expects the team to develop software for Indian accent of English and Indian languages. This will be easier and help students further.
  • The computer skills have opened the doors of career opportunities for the visually challenged students. Some students have secured government jobs while others were offered good jobs in corporate sector. However, other students arepursuing higher studies in the regular curriculum.
  • The curriculum includes training touch typing, English, Civics, Economics, History Commerce and Sanskrit. The courses offered are recognised by the Andhra Pradesh Board.
  • Under the aegis of Swamiji and the support of a team of experts and volunteers, this new paradigm in education for the visually challenged has been a big success.
  • There is a playground on the campus for outdoor sports and other games. Also there is hall for the students to doyoga and play indoor games to enjoy.
  • Students sometimes go on excursions and they love to learn about the development in the world around and some wonderful things that nature teaches us.
  • Outgoing students secured jobs in various sectors such as banking, teaching, railways, government sectors etc,.

  • Medals and awards in various competitions such as Cricket, Music in world renowned platforms

  • The college is run with the generous contributions from philanthropists and volunteers. Though it is a big challenge for such an institute to run on meager donations, the effort s of the staff, management and volunteers have accomplished the task.
  • Sri Swamiji’s perseverance to improve the lot of the visually handicapped and his compassion has paid in running the institute successfully.
  • The institute is a pride of our country and so is Sri Swamiji with his relentless efforts to make the world a better place to live.