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Nethra Vidyalaya Student, Prem Swaroop cracks CAT, aims for IIM.

A visually challenged student proves that nothings stands as a hurdle when one is strongly determined.
Ambati Venkata Prem Swaroop has scored 82.87 percentile points in the Common Admission Test (CAT-2016). The test requires at least 60 percentile points for People With Disabilities (PWD) to get through.

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Prem hails from Dharmavaram in Anantapur district. His parents A. Muralidhar and A. Hemalatha run a grocery store. At the age of eight, he lost his eyesight when high fever damaged his optic nerve.He was studying in Rural Development Trust earlier to joining our Nethra Vidyalaya Junior College and joined B.Com (Taxation) at Emerald’s Degree College, Tirupati. “I expect similar offers from Shillong, Amritsar and Indore campuses too”, he told The Hindu on Wednesday.

At Nethra Vidyalaya Junior College, he began to use JAWS (Job Access with Speech), a screen reader software meant for people with vision loss. This has helped him ‘listen’ to his academic content and supported in saving time. “Not just those guarding the border are soldiers. I want to be a soldier working for the cause of nation building,” he adds.

We congratulate him for standing as an example and wish him our very best!


” Nethra Gave Me Life” – Ganga

I am Ganga. My parents named me Ganga after the life giving river waters, the Ganges. But I was born blind. My parents are poor. My father lost one of his legs and became unemployed. My mother worked hard as a beedi leaves worker and provided livelihood for us.

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Since my childhood, everyone showed pity on me for I was blind. Their pity made me even more determined to stand on my own legs. With strong determination, I went to the government school near my house and completed my studies till tenth grade.

What Next? Was a huge question. Everyone suggested that I should stay at home as there was no college in our village. Besides there was no money to continue further studies. But I was driven to study further. Seeing my resolution, my cousin came to my rescue. He went to the colleges in Hyderabad city to seek admission. He came to know about Nethra Vidyala college. After finishing the application process, I joined Nethra Vidyalaya.

It was a life turning event in my life. The atmosphere and the culture in the college can never be found anywhere. I often used to feel “Why was I born like this? Why is my life so miserable? Will I ever feel happy even for a day?” But, after joining Nethra Vidyalaya, I found many students like me and I realized my folly.

After coming here, I got confidence. I learnt writing and speaking in English. I have never touched a laptop or a computer in my life. After coming here, the teachers coached me on how to type on laptop, taught me how to operate it and use it regularly to listen and work on the lessons.Special training classes were conducted on communication skills and also gave us the materials.

I studied Intermediate and Degree here. After graduating in Nethra college, I took the BEd (Bachelor of Education) course and completed it successfully this year.

I am sure that I will get a good job and this is all only because of Nethra Vidyalaya. Nethra Gave Me Life! A new life I am proud of!

Now I feel proud of my name – Ganga – as I am sure I will impart good lessons and values to the children I learnt in Nethra and give them new life with which they can march forward with confidence inspite of hurdles they face in the course of their lives.

Thanks again Nethra Vidyalaya!


Fortunate to have darshan of God: Salma

Lucky are those who are blessed with sight. We should be happy that they can see this beautiful world. For people like us who do not have sight are deprived of this. Salma of Mdakasira village, Anantapur District says she is fortunate to have seen God. She lost one eye completely as she was hit by a broken glass piece.

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She was depressed as she felt that she has become a burden to her parents. Her father’s fruit business was not running well and became difficult to survive. I also wished to go to school along with other children. That wish got fulfilled with the grace of H H Swamiji. I came to know about the School for the blind being run at JIVA. I convinced my parents and started for the city and completed Inter. It is difficult to walk and manage your affairs without help. Only one of my eye is partly working and there is no one to blame. I was feeling very bad, but I got relief after joining School. There are so many like me and everyone has their own pathetic tale. I got confidence that I have a bright future if I work hard. The teachers there made us capable people. And, slowly, we became experts in English language also. We could converse well and also learned communication skills. I also completed professional TTC course. The great help Sri Swamiji is filled our lives with brightness. I will always be indebted to this immense help.

There are so many people with lots of money but they lack the quality of loving fellow human beings. If we can notice this and inculcate the habit of serving those underprivileged people blind will be benefited.


Became a Government employee with the cooperation of HH Swamiji: Sesham Veerakumar

Someone has to tell me that the world is beautiful, as I cannot see myself. I lost my father but mother has given me the all the protection to survive. I never thought I would be self dependant at all and it happened may be due to good karma in past lives.

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I sulked many times that being a born blind is a great handicap and even to sustain me is a great favor to ask. At that moment, my desire to pursue studies has made me live again and achieve something. Even though, I am blind, all other limbs are working properly and my mother is a great strength. I believed that education alone will make me find a way out. I underwent lot of difficulties and finally, secured a government job. What else is required for me?

I, Sri Sesham Veerakumar completed my 10th class at a blind school at Hindupur. I came out top in examinations conducted by an NGO named Rural Development Trust . They found that with proper help and guidance, I can achieve greater things. They made me to join Netra Vidyalayam at JIVA and besides regular academics I got expertize in English and communication skills. I also developed my spiritual strength there. The aim of getting a Government employment made me more determined. I worked very hard in mastering the subjects and also prepared for staff selection examinations. I was selected in Indian Navy as a multitasking staff and now working Naval Dock Yard in Vizag.

There is no dearth of difficulties and insults. By keeping a brave front, under the love of my mother and help from HH Swamiji , it became possible. They have given wisdom, discipline and morals and made many of us better rhuman beings. I feel it is entirely due to abundant love from Swamiji and may be some good deeds I did in the past lives.


Became a Bank PO with the grace of Swamiji: Paruchuri Venkatesh

I am Paruchuri Venkatesh X student of our Nethra Vidyalaya School, Nethra Vidyalayam Juniour college and Netra Vidyalayam Degree college. I have studied between 2004 to 2013, 9 years I was there. So After completion my education You were given opportunity me to learning and doing job in Bangalore SOA IT Solutions

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Successfully completed internship program and Recently I got job in State bank of Mysur as a Probationary officer in Rajahmundry branch. So with the help of your’s strong blessings I can handle my life Swamiji. So Once again Thankfull to swamiji for providing wonderful life and also Visually challenged people. When I was started in Netra vidyalaya high school, I had learned so many things, Such as spiritual activities giving respect to each and every one, games, lessons and help and service to who ever needs. So please bless me swamiji, I want to be a good helper for who requires taking wants getting benefits from my side.

Warm regards: Venkatesh Paruchuri


Blind Student of Nethra Vidyalaya Working in SOA IT Solutions, Bangalore

Whatever one may say, the song ‘you are the servant and also you are the master’ eminently suits my life. Who will help me and who will take the burden of a born blind person? Morning to night, every chore is like a fight. In such a grave situation

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HH Swamiji helped me overcome those problems and made me a useful and self dependant citizen. Now, I have reached a stage where I can guide others in their lives. What more is needed? Opportunities come to all at some time or other. We should be able to identify them work hard to reach the goal. It can be in the form a human or God or also Service. For me, I think Swamiji is a form of God and more than my parents. I am from Rajahmundry and completed 10th Class at Vizianagram blind school. Thereafter, I completed Inter and Degree at Netra Vidyalaya, JIVA. I got not only academic education, but gained deep spiritual insight there. I also became more disciplined and am able to do the right thing at right time. All my doubts were immediately clarified by our teachers. They have transformed us to better human beings. We got so much peace and spent many golden moments with HH Swamiji. I got confidence to talk to any client and handle office matters easily than many others. I was selected as a HR recruiter in an IT company in Benguluru and then later shifted to an IT company in Hyderabad. In the meanwhile, I was preparing for competitive examinations for Pos of Banks. I got selected as PO in State Bank of Mysore, Now, SBI. Swamiji always used give us confidence that you need not be disappointed for being blind and encouraged us to build confidence and courage.

He always said, ‘You should be able to go to any place in the world with no fear’. Blind school is like a beacon light and our aim should be to create more of those. Whatever insults one may face, but with the help of Swamiji we became successful today. Kudos to Swamiji for giving us the opportunity to grow and become independent people like any other.


Selected to State Bank of Hyderabad

Our School for Blind Student Sidharbabu, was first batch student of Nehtra Vidyalaya Degree College completed graduation in He was appointed as Probationary Officer in State Bank of Hyderabad.

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In his words ” In our college we all learned Computers and English.And the Computer knowledge helped me a lot to reach my goal and now I was appointed as Probationary Officer in State Bank of Hyderabad. I ever thought I would study in English medium and operate a computer. All these are possible because of Nethra Vidyalaya, I’m very much gratitude to the founder of our college Sri Sri Sri Tridandi Chinna Srimannaryana Jeeyar Swamiji, thank you Swamiji for providing us a wonder education with all amenities. Please give your holy mangalasasanams to me for my future career growth.”