4th of Jan 2018, World Braille Day, Nethra Vidyalaya Junior & Degree College students walked thanking Braille for his great invention to support their learning. They walked telling the whole world how accomplished and confident they are being raised under the guidance of Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swami. Their medals and their skills are exceptional. Their curriculum supports a holistic nature. Students of JIVA Veda Vidyalayam also joined the walk. Such a treat to the eyes when you see young children studying Vedam walk with visually challenged children supporting them. As Swamiji always says, you are rich when you serve the poor. You are healthy when you support an ill person. These students studying Vedam walked hand-in-hand supporting the visually challenged and yet courageous students!

On this occasion, Swamiji addressed everyone asking how much money and energy one spends these days just to satisfy the thirst of Eye! These children with no ability to see the world are getting ready to contribute and give back to the society. They have been winning medals for the state in athletics and other sports. Their alumni have secured their dream jobs!

Several people around the streets have gathered and appreciated their performances, their dedication to study, their skills.

Netra Students exhibited the vibrant cultural program, started with the prayer song, song on Louis Braille, wonderful dance performance, a show on the life of Louis Braille and a few songs played on keyboard under the guidance of the Principal Sriman J.Sudarshan Reddy, Smt. Krishna Kumari, and all the Teaching & Non-Teaching staff.

The Walk-A-Thon and the entire event was organized by Sriman Ravikanti Srinivas S/o. R.Narayana, with the Coordination of Sriman Subbaraju, Smt. Gayatri, Sriman Murali and Netra Vidyalaya Committee members. Vikasa Tarangini was the backbone to give the volunteer-base required to support this free educational institution.

Ramalayam Committee members of ‘B’ Colony Sriman Prabhu, Sriman Sanjeeva Reddy and Secretary of JIVA Sriman Purushotham Rao, Sriman Ramesh Gupta president of VT Central Committee, Venkateshwara Degree College Correspondent Sriman Sudhakar Reddy and the Principal of Netra Vidyalaya addressed the students on the occasion.

Students of Venkateshwara Degree College, Bhadruka Degree College, Nizam College, NCC Cadets, Volunteers, Celebrity Racha Ravi and also Corporator Smt. S.Swarna Latha Reddy participated in the rally from Saidabad Ramalayam temple to SBH Colony Kodanda Ramalayam.

Taking this occasion as an opportunity, several people came forward lending a helping hand to the Non-profit Educational Institution, Nethra Vidyalaya! Here are a few to name..!

  • Two Laptops were donated by Sriman Ravikanti Manideep from U.S.A
  • The Students of Sri Venteshwara College collected nearly Rs.10,000/- and donated to Netra Vidyalaya on the spot.
  • Delicious prasadam was sponsored by Dr. Ravikanti Laxmi from New Zealand.

We appreciate anyone who can lend a hand to help us serve these children!    –    DONATE NOW…!

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