The Blessings of H.H Swamiji, the serene environment, affirmations of all elders, tailor-made and strategic approaches of the faculty, and the tireless hard work of Visually Challenged Students, have proven that the blind students surpass their general counterparts in reaching the academic heights.

The exemplary achievement of 93% pass in intermediate is the Highest Pass Percentage of Visually Challenged Students in intermediate students all over the nation. Netra students, who learn, work, and write their examinations on computers (without scribe/Helper) are the prideful asset of the nation, society, and their parents.

The student’s academic performance is just amazing. They succeeded in flying colors. Below are their ranks and percentages:

Inter-I Year Toppers

Name of the StudentMarks ObtainedPercentage
J. Durga422/50084.45%
S.V.P Naidu388/50077.60%
K.Priyanka Patra383/50076.60%

Inter-II Year Toppers

Name of the StudentMarks ObtainedPercentage
P.Naresh Kumar921/100092.10%