When most people feel sorry for their misfortune, Sri ChinnaJeeyar Swamiji stood as their strength and made them feel most fortunate! One hundred and eighty-two visually challenged students studying at Nethra Vidyalaya, JIVA asram today celebrated 11th Foundation Day of this great institution. Never giving up on values, balancing academic education with cultural, sports, oratorical, karate, drama – the college has been attracting students from various states of the country too!

Special guests included Dr. Jyoti Marri from Sydney, Manchu Lakshmi ji,Dr. Suresh from Continental Hospital, Dr. Ramesh Teegala – a neuro surgeon, Dr. Bharath Reddy – Gastroenterologist from Atlanta, Mrs. Neelananda, retired principal of a CBSE school now volunteering at Netra College and Vedic School, Dr. Madhuri and Jabardasth TV show team! We are bringing to you the messages of all the speakers, please read and share, join the cause and be part of a great mission under the able divine guidance of Sri ChinnaJeeyar Swamiji!

Distractions for a visually challenged child are far less compared to the rest. That is why, when they want to achieve something, their performances are incredible. Nethra Vidyalaya is the FIRST college in India which is designed specially for visually challenged children!

The foundation for this cause began in Vijayanagaram, a small school was started in 2001 to support visually challenged children. Netra Vidyalaya, Varija runs preschool, LKG and UKG till 10th standard. They excel in their academics, and sports achieving more and more gold medals, lesser silver and even lesser bronze medals. To fulfill their aim of pursuing further education, Nethra Vidyalaya Intermediate College and Degree College.

Mr. Yadagiri and Sriman Madhava Rao must be remembered for establishing the process and coming forward as the first Principals of the colleges. We are also very thankful to Board of Intermediate to learn their lessons on computers and give exams on computers.

We appreciate the commitment of all teaching and non-teaching staff of Netra Vidyalaya. We are amazed at the dedication of the committee members of Nethra Vidyalaya (Sriman Raju garu, Srimathi Gayatrigaru, Srimathi Krishna Kumari ji and all others)! And definitely very happy and proud of the supporters and donors.

We are very proud of each student of these institutions, because the college here makes sure that principles are never compromised, discipline is never at stake. So, it is not easy to be part of this college. We appreciate your will to stay put for joyful and prosperous future making your hard work and good hearts as tools!

If you are sincere, society always supports. If you are faithful, God is always with you!

Whatever little you contribute, God will have a unique place for you in His heart! My dear children, society has been supporting you now. You should stand guard for people who are in need soon!

– Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji!

It’s great to see several people attend this event and encourage the children. If one is good at heart, it shows in their acts. All of you are good natured and we are so happy to have you all here. It is also nice to know that today is the 1st Anniversary of JIMS Ayurvedalayam, a part of JIMS! JIMS is established as a centre to help alleviate illness in the right mode of treatment depending on the illness – homeopathy, ayurvedic, acupressure, allopathy etc!

– Jupally Rameshwar Rao Garu, Chairman My Home Group of Industries

Today is a true blessing for me to be here in this divine atmosphere! Swamiji’s speeches and teachings have always inspired me. I feel like I have really achieved something just because I am standing here.

Don’t worry about sight, but focus on a vision for yourself! My father said to me when I was feeling depressed, ‘When you think of life a just this much, it is a hell. When you think of life to be a whole lot, then it is a heaven’!

– Manchu Lakshmi ji

I have been suffering some pain in my heart from past two weeks. The moment I stepped into this ashram, something impacted me positively. I read a line that said, ‘A seed has to fight the pressure from the Earth to grow up as a plant’. That took away all the pain and answered many of my questions this morning. I bow to Swamiji for creating such a great atmosphere where Sanskrit is being spoken fluently, where roots of scriptures are being put into practice, where people can learn how to serve society without any ego and not disturbing the tune of the nature!

– Abhinaya Krishna

Established on 31st August 2007, the institute has been providing Intermediate education with HEC, CEC groups and Sanskrit as second language. Degree College is affiliated to Osmania university offering B.A (HEP) and B.Com (Computers) to visually challenged children since 2010.

Netra Vidyalaya is indebted to H.H Sri ChinnaJeeyar Swamiji for his mission, vision and objective that aligns with a global model of imparting the best possible education. His relentless effort, strategy, and monitoring the whole curriculum has enabled students to fulfil their needs and reach their goals.

  • Intermediate Pass percentage in 2017-2018 is 99%!
  • Com pass percentage in 2017-2018 is 100% and 99% Distinction!
  • Prasad stood first in M.B.A entrance exam conducted by Pondicherry Central University!
  • Many students are studying post-graduation in Central University of Hyderabad!
  • Many alumni are currently working in state, central governments and in many MNCs!
  • Many prizes from Chess competitions held at Wardha, Maharashtra. And several prizes from Telangana and Andhra Pradesh governments!

– Nethra College Principal

Special thanks to many of our supporters and donors who were inspired by Swamiji in India, USA, Australia, U.K.

  • Kaveri Bhaskar Rao charitable trust run by Sriman G.Venkata Bhaskar Rao and Vanaja ji
  • SrimathiVasumathi ji of J.Bhaskar Rao Memorial trust
  • VT Seva – USA and JET USA, New Jersey
  • Divis Laboratories, Hyderabad
  • Vision Aid of USA and Visakhapatnam
  • Sriman Varaprasad Reddy of Shanta Biotech
  • Vikasa Tarangini Bangalore and Chennai
  • LIC
  • United India Insurance Company
  • Andhra Bank
  • State Bank of Hyderabad
  • Samadhura Infra
  • DSM Shared Services
  • M.D.C

And many others, unable to pen each donor, we thank every one of them whole heartedly!

Everything for the student is free on the campus. We are dependent on generous donors for serving more and more in this direction. Please note that we have introduced a novel opportunity for those who want to take part of this great mission. It costs Rs. 60,000/ per annum per student. You can adopt a student from this college and be part of the beautiful mission.

(Sriman Bharath Reddy ji promised Rs.11 Lakh on the stage, his one-month salary towards this cause)

– Nethra College, General Secretary, Murali ji

Swamiji is the soul of this institution. When I approached Swamiji and expressed interest in serving in the ashram. Swamiji suggested that I inspire the students of Nethra and Veda Vidyalaya. After watching them and interacting with them for a few days, I have to tell you – ‘They are all an inspiration for me’!

– Nina Nanda Ji!

If you want to find a route, it’s not the eyes that direct the path but it’s the motive that takes precedence. All this was evident in the way children performed today on the stage!

–  Srimathi, Vasundhara On behalf of Secretary, Intermediate Board