” Nethra Gave Me Life” – Ganga

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I am Ganga. My parents named me Ganga after the life giving river waters, the Ganges. But I was born blind. My parents are poor. My father lost one of his legs and became unemployed. My mother worked hard as a beedi leaves worker and provided livelihood for us.

Since my childhood, everyone showed pity on me for I was blind. Their pity made me even more determined to stand on my own legs. With strong determination, I went to the government school near my house and completed my studies till tenth grade.

What Next? Was a huge question. Everyone suggested that I should stay at home as there was no college in our village. Besides there was no money to continue further studies. But I was driven to study further. Seeing my resolution, my cousin came to my rescue. He went to the colleges in Hyderabad city to seek admission. He came to know about Nethra Vidyala college. After finishing the application process, I joined Nethra Vidyalaya.

It was a life turning event in my life. The atmosphere and the culture in the college can never be found anywhere. I often used to feel “Why was I born like this? Why is my life so miserable? Will I ever feel happy even for a day?” But, after joining Nethra Vidyalaya, I found many students like me and I realized my folly.

After coming here, I got confidence. I learnt writing and speaking in English. I have never touched a laptop or a computer in my life. After coming here, the teachers coached me on how to type on laptop, taught me how to operate it and use it regularly to listen and work on the lessons.Special training classes were conducted on communication skills and also gave us the materials.

I studied Intermediate and Degree here. After graduating in Nethra college, I took the BEd (Bachelor of Education) course and completed it successfully this year.

I am sure that I will get a good job and this is all only because of Nethra Vidyalaya. Nethra Gave Me Life! A new life I am proud of!

Now I feel proud of my name – Ganga – as I am sure I will impart good lessons and values to the children I learnt in Nethra and give them new life with which they can march forward with confidence inspite of hurdles they face in the course of their lives.

Thanks again Nethra Vidyalaya!


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