Became a Government employee with the cooperation of HH Swamiji: Sesham Veerakumar

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Someone has to tell me that the world is beautiful, as I cannot see myself. I lost my father but mother has given me the all the protection to survive. I never thought I would be self dependant at all and it happened may be due to good karma in past lives.

I sulked many times that being a born blind is a great handicap and even to sustain me is a great favor to ask. At that moment, my desire to pursue studies has made me live again and achieve something. Even though, I am blind, all other limbs are working properly and my mother is a great strength. I believed that education alone will make me find a way out. I underwent lot of difficulties and finally, secured a government job. What else is required for me?

I, Sri Sesham Veerakumar completed my 10th class at a blind school at Hindupur. I came out top in examinations conducted by an NGO named Rural Development Trust . They found that with proper help and guidance, I can achieve greater things. They made me to join Netra Vidyalayam at JIVA and besides regular academics I got expertize in English and communication skills. I also developed my spiritual strength there. The aim of getting a Government employment made me more determined. I worked very hard in mastering the subjects and also prepared for staff selection examinations. I was selected in Indian Navy as a multitasking staff and now working Naval Dock Yard in Vizag.

There is no dearth of difficulties and insults. By keeping a brave front, under the love of my mother and help from HH Swamiji , it became possible. They have given wisdom, discipline and morals and made many of us better rhuman beings. I feel it is entirely due to abundant love from Swamiji and may be some good deeds I did in the past lives.

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