10 Years of Rewarding Progress for Nethra, the College for Visually Challenged!

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16 Years of Productive Learning – Nethra, School for Blind

Here’s brief excerpt of Swamiji’s message on the anniversary celebrations of Nethra Institution!

Lack of sight is not a real deficiency, Real deficiency lies in the hearts that do not respond to the needs of society!

Our Nethra Insitition started in the year of 2001 for small children who wished to study but are visually challenged. This grew into a degree college for blind who are now able to write their own exams without the need for external scribes. They use laptops and type their responses to the questions of the exam paper. This is a wonderful achievement and helps blind children feel independent. Our college is the only institution in India.

52 of the outgoing students from Degree College are serving various sectors of society efficiently and confidently. We are happy for them and hope to see each and every one rise up to the needs of society and make Bharath proud.

The institution is also unique because all blind children here wake up at 5am, do Yogabhyas, chant prayers in the morning. They are working through this strict regime because they are able to enjoy the richness of the impact it shows on them for the rest of the day.

The enormous support that we got proves that people always are there to encourage good causes.

It is up to the institution to keep up the quality and standards of education to these children.

Sri Ahobila Ramanuja Jeeyar Swami, esteemed scholars Sriman Samudrala Rangaramanuja Acharya, and Krishnamacharyulu gave their guidance and offered blessings to all the children. They all advised that the children make use of all the wonderful opportunity to their best, and give back to the community.Additional Highlights include:

Many honourable guests, Producer, Dil Raju Garu, Actors Ravi Teja Garu and Sunil Garu, Actress Shalini Pandey and ETV show cast, Jabardust Team came forward and were all extremely thrilled to watch the performances of visually challenged students of Nethra. They were delighted to take part in the event. They have all established a connection with the wonderful environment of the asram and the exciting service being done by the asram for the visually challenged children.

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