Amazing Performance by Nethra Vidyalaya Junior College for Blind

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The students are blind. And yet so determined to study, work and live independently. They wish to make their parents and guardians proud, despite their visual disability. They are indeed pillars of motivation for not only the visually challenged, but also for all those who are blind and negative in the minds! Their lack of vision has not deterred them from succeeding in their lives, for they have a more powerful “vision of determination” in their hearts!

It is only due to persistent efforts and grace of Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji, that the Nethra Schools and Colleges exists today! for the benefit and welfare of the Visually Challenged students.

The student’s academic performance is just amazing. They succeeded in flying colours. The below are their ranks and percentages:

Inter-II Year Toppers

Name of the Student Marks Obtained Percentage
L Ramprasad 907/1000 90.7%
Y Rajeshwari 893/1000 89.3%
K Thulasi 887/1000 88.7%

Inter-I Year Toppers

Name of the Student Marks Obtained Percentage
J Nandini 466/500 93.2%
K Harshitha 456/500 91.2%
K Mariyamma 435/500 87%

Pass Percentage

No. of Students Appeared No. of Students Passed Pass Percentage
Inter I – Year 45 35 78%
Inter II – Year 48 41 85%