When foundations are strong, what you build stand long. Beginning with this years Republic Day parade by Netra Vidyalaya students in front of honorable Governor and esteemed others, several medals and accolades in different sports, consistent achievements in educational arena are all examples of such strong foundations of Netra Vidyalaya.

Dear Minister of Education, Sriman Jagadeeshwar Reddy Garu, Sriman Ashok Kumar IAS, Sriman Kamalakar Garu IAS, JIMS College Principal Rajender Reddy Garu have all come in person to appreciate the students of Netra Vidyalaya for their great work throughout the year.

Alumni of this institution are pursuing higher degrees at other prestigious institutions like Pondicherry Institute and Central Institute of Hyderabad. Several alumni are working for government and private sectors in various streams. These children dream big and all the supporters are helping them achieve their dreams.

While there are around 5,000 blind children in only twin cities, the strength of the Netra Vidyalaya college is 187 because not many children can withstand some strict sattvic practices that uplift them at an overall perspective. Thus, this institution is unique and has values that it adheres to no matter what.

It’s not these kids, but it is those who cannot respond to the need of the hour who are blind. Several supporters from USA and other countries are contributing to the institution. We appreciate every single well-wisher and donor. The responsibility of keeping up this great support now lies on the students, and we wish them continued success!

– From the address of Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji
– 31st August 2019, JIVA Campus

Chinna jeeyar Ahobila jeeyar College For Blind Foundation Day
Chinna jeeyar Junior Degree College For Blind Foundation Day
College For Blind Foundation Day Chinna jeeyar