The 70th Anniversary of National Cadet Corps (NCC) was celebrated with great fervour and enthusiasm at General Krishna Rao Parade Ground in Secunderabad on Sunday 25th Nov 2018.

nethra vidyalaya

For the first time, a contingent of students with partial visual impact from Netra Vidyalaya of Jeeyar Educational Trust also took part in the parade. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. NCC (National Cadet corp) was always a dream for our netra students. There was no place for visually impacted candidates in NCC. Taking this as a challenge our Netra students with mangalasasanam of Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji, successfully performed a parade on 15Aug’ 2018 at Netravidyalaya grounds.

The Parade CD was submitted to Prime Minister’s office and Directorate of NCC A.P & Telangana. The Deputy Director Sriman N N Reddy called up a meeting with our Netra Vidyalaya Committee and gave permission to take part in the NCC parade on NCC day – 25th November 2018. Four days of intense practice by our Netra students at parade grounds from 20thNov’18 – 24thNov’18 under the guidance of G.Shiva Kumar payed off with great appreciations on the 70th Anniversary celebrations of NCC on 25th Nov ‘18.

nethra vidyalaya

Netra students were appreciated by the Deputy Director Air Commodore Sriman N N Reddy, Colonel Rizwi, Colonel Bhandari and by the other Army, Navy and Air Officers.
It’s a proud moment to inform the world that our Netra students were selected to take part in the National Parade on 26th January 2019, Republic Day as well.It is Historic achievement in the world History, that, for the first time Visually Challenged students participated in patriotic event like NCC Parade.

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