They are blind. They do not have the vision of a normal person. They do not lead a normal life like so many others! Many of them do not have the resources or help to study and live independently. But all that they have is sheer will to live and learn despite all challenges in their lives. They are such amazing achievers! Their visual disability has not stopped them from being successful in their lives.

Sri Swamiji recognized their inner abilities and determined to further empower the blind children to be self-reliant and confident. HH founded the Nethra Vidyalaya School (2001), Nethra Vidyalaya Junior College (2007) and Nethra Vidyalaya Degree College (2010).

And the outcome ?

80% of the students from our Nethra school and colleges have secured jobs and are leading a decent livelihood – making their parents and family proud and happy.

JET volunteers and JET members take immense efforts to keep Sri Swamiji’s mission alive. They conduct regular activities for the students to keep the students motivated and positive. Recently they conducted quiz, drawing and painting competitions in our school premises on behalf of PCRA (Petroleum Conservation Research Association) and SAKSHAM (HPCL) as part of their last day of Anniversary celebration.

Students formed named-groups and actively participated with great enthusiasm.

The winners of Quiz Competition :

Lubricant oil Group – First
Kerosene oil Group – Second
Diesel oil Group – Third

Winners of Drawing/Painting Competition :

L. Aditya (VIII) – First
D. Venkatesh. – Secod
S. Manikanta. – Third
A. Ganesh. – “”

All the winners of Quiz competition received a team momento from Mr. N. V. S. Kameswara Rao, (D.G.M – HPCL) Mr. V. Murali Krishna (D. G. M – HPCL) & Mr. Venkateswarulu (Manager, Sales HPCL). The chief guests gave individual momentos to winners of Drawing /Painting Competition. A gift of Lord Sri Krishna’s Idol was given to the members of the committee.

Several other committee members along with Sri Ramanujam garu, Sri Narayana Reddy garu, Sri Srikanth Swamiji, Sriman P S N. Raju garu attended the event.

The volunteers and members of received great appreciation from the chief guests.

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