Nethra Vidyalaya Freshers Day was filled with students experiencing a pinch of shyness, an ounce of nervousness, a bunch of smiles, and a whole lot of laughter in the end! A great team hosted the new students and a few new students performed for the entire audience!

It was a wonderful event with a medley of divine words, great performances and a hilarious entertainment!
Principal, Sharma Gaaru conducted the event with so much grace and the event was lively all throughout!

Excerpts of valuable messages from distinguished guests for our readers:

NETHRA Vidyalaya is a beautiful name given by Sri Swamiji to this institution – Nethra is one that lets us see world external to us, the naked EYE. But, there is an eye that lets us see a more powerful world that is within us and it is internal to us. That eye is our manas. A manasthat is raised and nurtured with noble and wise words of elders becomes the right instrument to realise the supreme power, God. With this nethra, you all can flourish with powerful knowledge that is vested in the brains and not just in the books.

Veda Vyas, the great seer churned the ocean of Veda with his manas. This resulted in the birth of a great scripture Mahabharatha. All knowledge that is out today is all in this scripture. So, use manas as the instrument and move forward to distances by spreading and sharing the wisdom. This college is a great place where you will have opportunities to not only learn academics but also learn samskaram, the virtues as prescribed by seers and sages that are applicable at any point of time in any place.

KrishmacharyuluGaru from Nepal, A renowned Vedic Scholar who lives a very simple life and is exemplary individual for many seekers of knowledge.

Achievers such as Paramesh who excelled in the singing competition at PaduthaTheeyagaprogram, an India based worldwide musical platform hails from Netra Vidyalaya. Sri Swamiji supports and encourages staff in the college to nurture the skills in each individual. While you acquire academic knowledge through books, the institution aids each one in developing their interests in other skills in games, music, art etc. An Acharya is an expert at carving a stone into a useful sculpture. This institution has given to the world capable outgoing students who are working in government offices as MROs, telecom, banking, and as sports enthusiasts who won medals in multiple competitions.

AhobilaRamanujaJeeyarSwamiji, JIVA Asram, A renowned monk devoted to and works relentlessly under the able guidance of Sri ChinnaJeeyarSwamiji

60% of the activity in brain is used in satisfying the hunger of only one sense organ, the EYE. The brain of a blind child is therefore available 60% more than for the normal child. That is why, we see more capabilities in other sensory organs of these children. Making use of such highly capable brain with strong determination becomes the key to your success.

There are about 4000 blind students in Hyderabad, but only about 100 of them have chosen to seek education here. Let’s see the reasons.

  • We challenge the children to take exams by themselves using computers without using scribe. Ours is the first institution that has made this possible by working with Board of Intermediate and Osmania. Students feel that they may rather depend on scribe than learn to be independent. This attitude of many children leads them to other institutions

  • Schedule here demands children to wake up at around 5:00am with prayer, followed by Yoga. Not many institutions enforce this. But, we believe it is very important for the child to follow this routine in order to gain retention power

  • The food we give here is very satvik, meaning food that makes one focus on needs and not lavish life style. Food that gives their brain power to distinguish between what is necessary and gives immense strength to achieve the goals despite of many hardships. It is such food which takes away laziness. So, many children also may not prefer this institution because they would like to eat meat or other food.

It is only for the benefit of the children that we have such system put in place. Hope more and more kids realize this and make use of the institution.

Let me share with you all a story of two children who had to cross a water body in order to go to school. One child was complacent and did not really put an effort to learn swimming because he just wanted to depend on the boat that took them daily. The second child though learnt to swim whenever he got some time. One day, there was a student meet with alumni in their school. The boat did not show up for some reason. The second child did not want to miss the occasion and therefore swam across and made it. The first child had to stay back. The second child is none other than LalBhadurSastri, 2nd Prime Minister of the Republic of India.

‘Royal Institution for Blind and Deaf’ is a school in Sydney, Australia. When HH visited Sydney, the team there organised a meet with the children of this school with Swamiji. When one of the volunteers tried to hold hand of a child, he responded – ‘I don’t need your hand, I am capable. Don’t insult me’ and thanked him for the offer. The amazing confidence and wish to be independent is to be recognized and appreciated.

A man named, Srikanth Bolla who has been rejected by the IITs in India sought admission in MIT, USA. He was accepted there and has completed his education. He has setup a centre for blind children here in India and is serving many in need.

Make best use of the opportunities here and excel in what you do. Aim to be independent and raise up to a level that the world around you and your family will be proud of.

Sri ChinnaJeeyarSwamiji, an icon of positive energy, divinity, love, and knowledge in the hearts of millions of people across the world.

Nethra College President Subba Raju garu, Committee members Srimati Gayatri Garu and her team were there supporting and welcoming the students. ETV Jabardasth comedy artist,Racha Ravi also was at the occasion and overwhelmed by the great zeal of all students!

We would like to proudly share the names of kids who have taken part on the special day!

  • Anchor – Deepthi
  • Speech- Geetha

  • Prayer song – Geetha, Indu, Satya Padmavathi
  • Group Dance Male – Bhanuprakash and team
  • Group Dance Female – thippamma and team
  • Welcome song – Geetha and team
  • Singers – Arjun, Indu, Laxmi and Shyam
  • Mimicry – A Ramakrishna

G Yashwanth Kumar English faculty of Netra vidyalaya has given prize money to the students who secured good marks in English subject in Intermediate Public Examinations 2017

  • First prize –  K Tulasi  –  Rs. 1500 (93/100)

  • Second Prize – V Manjunath – Rs. 1000 (91/100)

Our New Students: