Today is Jan 4th – World Braille Day. Commemorating the 207th birthday of Louis Braille, Blind Junior and  Degree colleges conducted a conference at JIVA campus.
Sri HH Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji, Sri Rangaramanuja Chary Swamy, Sri Prahalad Swamy, Sri Satish, Sri Subbaraju interacted with the blind and visually challenged students. They expressed their support as part of HH Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji’s continued efforts to encourage, motivate and inspire the blind students to pursue education and excellence.
Sri Rangaramanuja Chary Swamy quoted excerpts from Mahabharatha where Sanjaya cautions Dritharashtra saying, “Hey King! There are people who are deaf, dumb, blind and handicapped. Are you taking proper care of them? They are the property of State”.
He reminded our Blind students that being visually challenged is not a real handicap as mind is even more effective in them and encouraged them to utilize the facilities provided to achieve good results.
He reminded the students of Nethra, that being blind or visually challenged is not a real handicap and that the human mind is a very powerful and effective tool. He encouraged the blind students to use the resources and facilities provided to them to achieve good results, excel in education and attain knowledge.

HH Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji speaking on this occasion offered Mangalasasanams to all the blind and visually challenged students in Nethra and through out the world.

Summary of HH Message
Today is a unique day. We are celebrating Louis Brialle’s birthday who was and continues to be a beacon of light in the lives of millions. When Mr. Braille lost his eyesight he was not disappointed or distressed
with his inability. He took it as a challenge and wanted to prove himself. He not only improved his own life but lighted the lamp in the lives of blind people by representing all kinds of sounds using 6 dots – be it any language. Incorporating all sounds using just 6 dots is a gigantic task. He is a rushi in that sense. Rushis are those who are able to show light to the whole world in their own way. He is a good inspiration for all of us. He lived for just 42 years but he is still alive with his invaluable contribution. He is alive through his dots. Even we must learn to live like him and live forever in the hearts of people by positively contributing and leaving behind a legacy. For that, you must first decide what you want to become. Then work for it and put your 100% effort. We, the management of Nethra Vidyalaya will support you in whatever way required, for you to achieve your goals.In a day, we spend more than 70% of our time in sleep and other mandatory daily activities. Use the remaining time effectively and work to achieve something good. Don’t while away the time which is very precious. We all have a very short span of life and have so much to achieve. Let us not live like animals and trees. Let us be different from them by doing something which brings a change in the lives of the people. Choose any field you like. For example, if you love to eat, you can choose to invent a device which can detect the taste of the food. A device that can detect the amount of salt and sodium, vitamins or free radicles in it? The avenues are many. Act now.

Our mangalasasanams to you all.

Jai Srimannarayana!


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